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MOR & more is dedicated to supporting the mixed-orientation community by providing resources for partners in
mixed-orientation relationships as well as a platform to share our stories and experiences. We were founded by
mixed-orientation couples in an effort
 to destigmatize uncharted territory and to foster healthy, informed discussions.

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Private Support Group

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We understand that we are all on our

own journey and we understand the importance of member anonymity.

We hold our members' privacy to the highest of standards.


The MOR private Facebook group is an international gathering of MOR partners and we welcome you to come and share your story.

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mixed orientation relationship

Welcome to

MOR & more!

We are so grateful that you are here and we would love to eventually hear your story.

It's legitimately why we exist.

In the meantime, here is a

little bit of our story.

The foundations of MOR & more began in 2018 as a private Facebook group started by MOR & more founder and CEO Candice Parnell. Candice started the group as a straight spouse coming to terms with her husband coming out as bisexual many years prior. Confused and questioning her entire relationship, at the onset of her MOR journey Candice simply wanted someone to talk to who had shared her experience. More than anything she wanted to connect with someone who had come out of the other side of this whole mixed-orientation thing for the better.

Being in unfamiliar territory can be uncomfortable but you are not alone

So just what is a mixed-orientation relationship anyway? Sometimes the best way to come to grasp with something we don't fully understand is to give it a name. Mixed-orientation relationship (MOR) is a term for a relationship between two or more partners of differing sexual orientations. Respectively, but not necessarily interchangeably, a mixed-orientation marriage (MOM) is a marriage between partners of differing sexual orientations. 

The paths of each MOR/ MOM may vary greatly depending on the orientation of the partners involved, the events surrounding disclosure, and the overall goal of each partner. Our goal is to light each of those paths with the stories of those who have lived walked them. Whether you are a straight partner coming to terms with the discovery that your partner is not straight or vice versa, we are here to tell you what we've come to discover ourselves you are not alone.


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