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MOR & more is dedicated to supporting the mixed-orientation community by providing resources for partners in mixed-orientation relationships as well as a platform to share our stories and experiences. We were founded by mixed-orientation couples in an effort to destigmatize uncharted territory and to foster healthy, informed discussions.

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Candice is a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ partners. Her contributions to MOR & more have connected mixed-orientation partners across the country in an effort to provide a community of growth and support.

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Keith is a bisexual writer, producer, and outspoken LGBTQ+ advocate. His contributions to MOR & more aim to destigmatize mixed-orientation relationships and fight preconceived notions of bisexuality.

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We get it. Talking about sex and sexuality can be awkward. Luckily for you we've created a space for conversations that are better made in private. Join our private group

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Being in unfamiliar territory can be uncomfortable but you are not alone

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