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Welcome to MOR & more!

We are so grateful that you are here and we would love to eventually hear your story.

In the meantime, here is a little bit of our story.

The foundations of MOR & more began in 2018 as a private Facebook group started by MOR & more founder and CEO Candice Parnell. Candice started the group as a straight spouse coming to terms with her husband coming out as bisexual many years prior. Confused and questioning her entire relationship, at the onset of her MOR journey, Candice simply wanted someone to talk to who had shared her experience. More than anything she wanted to connect with someone who had come out of the other side of this whole mixed-orientation thing for the better.

However, as many MOR partners had discovered before her and many have since, there's very little research into mixed-orientation relationships. There was however, an abundance of folks who didn't want to make their mixed orientation relationships work and they had found their platform to make it known. She was met with endless forums of scorned and bitter partners and a network of straight spouses feeding one another stories of infidelity and hopelessly broken relationships. To make matters worse, she was bombarded by many who altogether denounced the existence of bisexuality, insisted that her husband was actually gay, and that her marriage was doomed to fail.

After years of sifting through scholarly articles and countless relationship forums, she and a handful of like-minded MOR partners recognized the great need for a positive, supportive resource for both straight and LGBTQ+ partners. She started a private FB group that welcomed success stories and approaches towards the growth and understanding of both straight and LGBTQ+ partners. Unlike its predecessors, the page paired safe, constructive, and positive conversations acknowledging the unique challenges MOR's face with a new concept: "Mixed-orientation relationships CAN be successful, and here's how."

Within 3 years the small group of mixed-orientation partners revealed a tremendous need for hope and possibility within the MOR community. MOR and more focuses on sharing our experiences, recognizing the similarities between them, addressing the initial shock of MOR disclosure, and identifying the steps and possible processes for both personal and relationship growth.

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We get it. Talking about sex and sexuality can be awkward but in the right setting with the right resources, it really doesn't have to be...

We understand that we are all on our own journey and we understand the importance of member anonymity. We've created a safe space to facilitate private conversations privately.


The MOR Community is an international gathering of MOR partners and spouses. Together in this private setting, we explore what it means to be in a mixed orientation relationship and how that differs in each relationship. We are so glad that you found us and we would love for you to join us in our discussions as we work together to eliminate MOR stigmas.

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