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A Crucial Step in the Right Direction

Open and Honest Communication

As oversimplified and cliché as it might sound, communication really is key. You have to normalize having an open and honest line of communication with your partner. This isn't always easy, especially when emotions are running high. Good communication is a learned skill that none of us are born with and discussing things that are uncomfortable often makes it even more difficult. Open, honest, and loving communication is going to be absolutely vital moving forward. If you came here seeking a magic wand, I’m sorry to tell you that one doesn’t exist, not for any relationship regardless of sexual orientation. There are no rule books and no written directions on how to make it through this. The key to any successful and healthy relationship is communication, and now that you are aware that you are in a mixed orientation relationship it is important to discuss what this means for each of you.

There are very few aspects of life that are "one size fits all" and the same can be true for sexuality. In the in-depth conversations that are sure to come, it is important to discuss what this means for your newly out partner. Coming out and living one's truth can be an extremely personal and unique experience. Your partner might have only recently come to the realization that they are not straight or they might have always known. They might still be struggling with accepting themselves, or they might be eager to embrace this identity that they have never been able to explore.

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We get it. Talking about sex and sexuality can be awkward but in the right setting with the right resources, it really doesn't have to be...

We understand that we are all on our own journey and we understand the importance of member anonymity. We've created a safe space to facilitate private conversations privately.


The MOR Community is an international gathering of MOR partners and spouses. Together in this private setting, we explore what it means to be in a mixed orientation relationship and how that differs in each relationship. We are so glad that you found us and we would love for you to join us in our discussions as we work together to eliminate MOR stigmas.

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