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Embracing Sexuality

Embracing one's sexuality can look different for everyone. Some partners have spent a lifetime suppressing their sexual feelings and attractions and others may be just beginning to understand this about themselves. Some may simply want their sexuality to be accepted as a valid part of who they are. In many cases nothing about a relationship dynamic changes, and in some cases, it means developing a completely new normal that works for the relationship as a whole.

For some, embracing who they are comes in the form of wearing a pride pin on their ID badge at work or baking a cake to come out to their friends and family. For others, it comes in the form of wanting to experience things they were never able to in the past. This is once again where effective communication will be vital. It will be important to discuss how embracing your partner's sexuality will look for your relationship moving forward.

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We get it. Talking about sex and sexuality can be awkward but in the right setting with the right resources, it really doesn't have to be...

We understand that we are all on our own journey and we understand the importance of member anonymity. We've created a safe space to facilitate private conversations privately.


The MOR Community is an international gathering of MOR partners and spouses. Together in this private setting, we explore what it means to be in a mixed orientation relationship and how that differs in each relationship. We are so glad that you found us and we would love for you to join us in our discussions as we work together to eliminate MOR stigmas.

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